When Givers Meet

Part 1 - Unedited

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This is the story of how the power of giving times a trillion why I was fired happiest for every job I've ever had and the breakthroughs I've had with Kimber Wolves and the power of audio, power of social audio. That's too insane, because that's the room that we were in earlier. And I cannot believe the amount of coincidences that are going down right now. So as far as I remember, I'm going to start from the beginning, which is pre meeting Vinny. So for over a year, I've been doing a podcast, and that podcast has started to do well. And really honestly, starting at the beginning, for the first year, I was getting like, no downloads at all. Even one year later, after the first episode, which is September 28, 2020, I had one download at September 2021. And if I didn't keep doing it, keep doing the thing and just keep added. And I've told so many people this that you just got to focus on, not the thing you can control. I'm sorry, you only can focus on the thing you can control, which is what you can do. So you can't really necessarily figure out the outcome.

Like, you can't control how many people consume your podcast, but you can control how many you put out. So I say that the goal should be to keep putting them out, and I can control that. So just keep doing the work and you'll get better. Most people give up on podcasts, especially if you're getting one download a day still a year later. But then all of a sudden I got a bomb. I don't know what it is. I think it was related to this guy who happened to pass away that had the same name as this guy named Fred Moore. He passed away, unfortunately, by having a heart attack on a football field. And I believe that something about the algorithms or whatever. I had released an episode with Fred Moore about two days prior, and that episode all of a sudden boosted me up and two were downloading. We were like, what is going on? So I was like, okay, so my girlfriend Rachel, she looked up to see if there was anything going on with someone named Fred Moore. And she found this guy who died named Fred Moore. And I was sitting on it for a long time, and I didn't even release it.

And till two days before that, a guy died. So he died. I think the algorithm started picking up everything about at least the fact that I released an episode called Fred Moore. And then that day it goes up 200. And so and then he started talking about God. Oh, my God. There's so many priests to this. All right, I got to just do this for the I'm going to record an entire book right now. This is insanity. And it's a mini posebo testonial as well. So it's the power of giving oh, my God, it's everything. So Vinny is now providing me with a means of income based on the fact that I am such a weirdo and show up in all these places. And so we met in some room or whatever. And then I went into a fireside create a room, never even used the app or whatever just because I do too many things, me having me in the same room. And so I say to me, I said, I direct message on Zoom. And I said, hey, do you want to be on my podcast? Because I've got because I have a podcast.

And he said, sure. Wow, this is really insane. This is really insane. And when you click the IMDb thing, and then the fact that we actually tried to do this because of the MDB thing, and I randomly messaged it to him because I don't even know who told me. I don't even know who said it. I went and investigated it in Rabbit Hole, and Angelique called herself the Rabbit Hole Hunter. And that's exactly what I did there. I was like, okay, someone said, I can put my thing on IMDb. I've loved IMDb for the longest time. I was like, I got to figure out a way to do it. So finally, because my ADHD makes it so I can focus on weird things, but not specific things. So I was like, all right, here we go. I'm doing this right now, and I'm going to figure out how to do it. And then I did it, and I was like, oh, my God, this is such a pain in the ass. So I'm like, I have to make a how to guide on how to do this because no one else is going to be able to do this.

And even I'm probably not going to remember myself, honestly. So it's probably both. And I also love giving. So I started making this thing that explains how you can get your thing on IMDb. So at that point, oh, my God, this is amazing. So I created a guide that allows you to put your podcast in. Igb I said to Vinny that he should put his podcast on IMDb. And he says to me that he tells everyone that they should do that. And I said, well, where is your podcast on IB? Why isn't it there? And he said that he didn't put his on there. And I said, Well, I made a tool, and it's called Audiolink.com. And he'll explain to you how you put your podcast on IMDb. This is crazy. Okay, so then he uses that the same day after we record our podcast, which if we didn't do the podcast together, I would have never said the IMDb thing to him. He then would have never done it, and then we would have never done a room together. So essentially, me and Vinny do a room about the IMDb thing. So it's really my way to get into LinkedIn audio because I was late to Clubhouse because they didn't have an iPhone.

I was an Android. That's so funny because an Android is a robot. So we need to make sure we mention all of these things. And Thankfully I'm recording it. Hopefully Apple recorder goes long enough. Oh, thank God it's working. Okay. Thank God. Oh, my God. Fuck. Alright, there's one. It's something. Okay, so this is insanity. Okay. Jesus. And I let the universe take me here and I let myself crash here and land here. And that allowed me to do all this weird stuff to begin with. And if I wasn't here doing it here, and if Rachel wasn't here to support me, I literally wouldn't be able to do what I do. Wow. So fuck me. And Vinny hit it off a bit. And also I don't know what I'm doing at all on Instagram. I have 250 followers or something like that. Vinny has 11,000 of them and I'm like, what is going on? How do I figure it out? I did it on Reddit before I got to the top 500 people on Reddit for comment Karma. And I'm like, well, why can't I figure out these other social media platforms? And there's no real way to do good transferring of Reddit Karma to real life Karma because it's all text based and I can only do text based stuff because I tell them stuff.

And so I literally have over a million Karma and it's all comment Karma. And that's because on Reddit. And this is what I was doing mainly at work because I was saving so much time with myself training that I was allowed to do. I mean, not allowed, but I just knew I could make something do, man, this is the save your time thing too. So if I can take something 7 hours and they can take 15 minutes and then the Corporation is going to tell me to work front of the 6 hours and 45 minutes, why would I do that? Because then I just learned I upskilled myself for the longest time just to then work endlessly. And that's not what I signed up for. And actually my stepdad told me, you pay now or you play later or you play now and you pay later. And so he played growing up. This is insane. He played growing up and I paid and he was then having to pay when he was older because he said he did. He did hot tire roofing and really manual construction stuff. And I never liked that stuff. I wanted to always automate things because I didn't want to do what he had to do.

And I thought, okay. So he said, paying out, pay later or pay later. And I was like, okay, oh my God, Don's going to help me make this amazing. So I said, I'm going to just do what he says. And if I pay and pay and pay, aka do all my schoolwork, do everything right, follow the rules, get good grades, then everything's going to be fine. And then I do that. And they don't teach me any excel at all. I've talked about this so many times, they barely taught me excel. And so I'm like, that's all I do for my job. It's like 90% of what I do. So I then realized that, oh, my God. I just asked him to give, and he gave. Holy shit. Oh, my God. This is too good. I have too many things now. I read the whole book. Okay, I'm still going now. Okay, so where was that? Let's see how much one's better. I'm not yelling at anybody. Oh, my God. This is the thing. I'm getting it now. Where is that? Even at pain, I'll play later. So then eventually I did all this pain, and then I literally was like, Isn't it time to play?

Why am I not allowed to play now? Because I did all the things right? So when I get to play. And so then I was like, okay, I guess I'll just play. And literally I was fired from the first job, KPMG, because one of my bosses had saw that I was playing a game on the computer. So it's fucking off of work because it was too good. They wanted me to do Pokemon County and first year Public County literally add things up manually. And all I did was want to automate things. So I decided to make, like, an adding sheet thing. So they want you to literally add up. There's a piece of paper with a bunch of numbers on it, and those numbers add up to something. And as an accountant, what you have to do is take all of those things and add them up and make sure that was on the piece of papers, right? Because it could be a lie. I was punching you into a calculator, and I kept saying myself, Why aren't I be doing this? Because if it comes out wrong, I don't even know if I wrote all the right things into it in order to get the right answer.

So I have to be doing it multiple times. So if you add up all these numbers, it doesn't equal what's on the thing. It's called putting and CrossFitting and accounting. So it's literally just taking me a favor. I think all the numbers manually and then making sure they add up because someone could just write anything on paper and submit it. This is before everything was digitized or whatever. It's still the thing you have to do because it's just accounting auditing. It's just how it works. It's banging for people aren't lying, and they're not putting out false documents. It's so fucking boring. And there is no way that I was going to be able to do it without automating this thing on the ending sheet. It was literally the first thing that I did to help people learn how to use Excel because I use it for myself. And then I started to give it to other people. I'm going to switch to my good Mike, and I'm going to stop this because who cares? It looks like it's pretty good. I just got to focus on this so I can actually help her out. Oh, my God.

This is like exactly what I need. Okay? I just need to talk to myself. I just walked the dog, so now I have the ability to. This is insanity. Okay. All right. So this is a book. So I made this adding sheet, and the adding sheet was the thing that I could punch in all the numbers into it, and then it would not only add things up and it would add things across so that I didn't have to question whether or not any of the things was that again, was correct. So I was like, I just type all this in, type each number into the thing. So you're really good at fast and typing into a spreadsheet. At the top of the spreadsheet, it tells me the sum of all the numbers below it. And then on the left side of the spreadsheet, it tells me the sum of whatever's over there. So then it does all the work. I just type the things and if something's wrong, it doesn't match what they wrote down. I checked all my numbers again, but I can do them one by one and check them off, and that's way easier.

And actually, someone had an adding sheet they had made they provided to me, but I didn't like the way they did it. So I had to break it down through how it works and make my own version of it because I didn't understand anything about it. But thankfully, since I went to a I went to my internship in College. My first boss, Drew Dalkins, who I invited to the room today, which is insane as well. The power of social audio room. I invited him into the room today because then he told me how many invites you can send out on LinkedIn. So if he didn't tell me, you can send out 100 invites, I wouldn't have been invited so many people. And if he didn't make me a co host or speaker on it, and if Judy didn't leave for a week, he wouldn't have made me a co host on the thing. So he literally is responsible for everything. It's not even Vinny. It's the power of giving or the vision of God. I'm not even joking. And I'm an atheist at this point, so it's not a God. It's just that the universe, it's really just the universal power of giving it.

That's what I'm going to call it, because I don't know what else to call it. I might even still be an atheist because I'm saying it's insane how much if you just give everybody stuff that you get back. It's like the secret thing to go give her. All those books are correct. And I just embraced it so much and so does Kimber. Kimber is an unbelievable person. Kimber is insane at what she does. She said she teaches emotional intelligence. I didn't even know that. I didn't know what she did because I was too busy with my ADHD, doing too many things with too many people. And so I don't even know what people do sometimes because I'm too busy just doing stuff and trying to give gift. But then once I found that she had some sort of issue, I was like, I need to give to Kimber. I want to make sure that she's getting something because she's like me because she was helping out with the Google form thing. And I was like, why do we need to have Google Gmail thing in order for this Google form to work? And also, Vinny was the one who needed it to be a Google form.

And I'd never really used a lot of it, but since the Excel thing was in Google Forms, this is insane book. I cannot believe this. Okay, so he needed me to make a Google form thing and also take the Excel piece out of it. And Kimber, I know you're going to be reading this or listening to at some point. So if you didn't tell me the thing about the Google form, I wouldn't know what to do there. And that was just you giving. And it came across as criticism. And this is exactly what we're talking about. Earlier, we thought you were criticizing someone else. So we're going to make you have a breakthrough about your text thing as well. Because I was like, why is she so am I asked about this Google form? I haven't checked every option in the back end. I mean, like, on the settings, there's nothing here that should require Google documents. But of course, I don't assume that she's being a jerk. I look it up myself. I go, okay, what are the reasons that a Google form would require you to have a Gmail? And it said online because this is why other people give too.

So we just look stuff up rabbit hole. And that's what Angelique is talking about is rabbit holeing. And so Angelique's story is important too. And this is the power of social audio. It's an absolutely insane story that is going to be really difficult to explain to people. So there's a woman named Angelique and she says she's a professional rabbit hole Hunter, and that means she just likes to go down rabbit holes and find things and figure out what's going on and try to figure out how things work. And I would say I'm the same kind of thing is the kind of thing. And we also love to give. We like to give and give and give. We basically tell people. We don't want money. We just want to give. I heard Angelia say that earlier. She's like, hey, someone asked if they could hire her services. She said, no, but I'll tell you what to do and I'll help you out. And I always do that. I gave Timber the course, the Excel course for free. I gave her coupon code for 100% off. She also liked the coupon code itself, which is my ex girlfriend's email address, like front end.

I mean, it's just a catchphrase. It's not even their email. It's a catchphrase that she came up with. I'm going to use a different thing now just for the book not reveal her identity. But I'll ask her, I'll be editing this so it's buy me goldfish, which is just a weird thing that I just thought no one would ever guess. 100% off code is called by Megolfish and actually recently. So you are guessing what my discount codes were on my Excel course because I still had a Cyber Monday one. I still had a half off one. So that's kind of the reason I was like, I'm going to pick a weird one for 100% off because it's going to be very clear that no one can ever get the 100% offers I have to give that to you. But I also just give everybody because I give give. So that's probably the code that used the most. And I'll check that out myself, honestly. But I mean, if any code is going to use the most, it's definitely that one. And I tell everybody on my podcast to do use a failure guy one. And no one has yet used it because my marketing on tell you it has nothing to do with the sell.

Sorry to take it off the course of the breakthrough that there's no reason to keep doing this if no one's using that code and all I'm doing is giving away 100% off things. And I gave away for eight years. So the only reason I'm able to have any expertise in the cellphone is because I gave it away for eight years. For eight years. I did not have a way to monetize it. I was recording things after work because I was so sick and tired of the rat race and getting better and better. This thing. So comes back to Reddit, actually, because the University of Reddit was the thing that made me oh my God, there's so many things that all relate to each other. And now I'm going to finally understand or write a book and Don's going to help me punch this up, but I don't even need it because so it's crazy. Okay, so Reddit, which I mentioned earlier, was one of the few platforms that I just jived with. And I've also played like an assessment amount of video games and stuff like that. That's also the Forms and Rock Band is how I got the job at Harmonics.

I was just going on the Rock Band forms and giving to people. And then they asked me to come in and play test directly into, which means come in earlier than before. It was released as a beta tester, kind of. And I was number 300 in the world for Rock Band drums on PS Four. And so I was very active in the Rock Band forums because it was like trying to figure out how to either help other people get better at it or figure out how to get better at myself. And I still have the name Dungheaver on my PS Four, which is my username on the Rock Band Forms. It's crazy because every part of this is documented and we have the data and we have all of the pieces of evidence to support everything I'm saying right now. So it's not even like every piece of it because of the future that we live in is documented and provable. So I'm not going to be like a million little pieces guy right now. I can literally go back to all these things and point to them out. And Daniel, who is a software genius, knows how to extract all those things.

Even today I was asking about these certain things on the way back machine, because that is exactly what we could do, is go to the Reddit thing because there was a University of Reddit and they didn't have anyone teaching Excel. And so I was like, okay, I can do that because I'm pissed off that I did not learn any Excel when I was in College. So I will teach it for free because everybody who's going to do the University or anything is going to teach for free, because that was the point just to get the knowledge. And I was just like, it's just this weird travel knowledge thing that's been handed down from person to person, but from every job I've ever had. And so I had to piecemeal this whole thing together. I didn't learn any Excel at all in, you know, when I was doing my undergraduate and graduate courses, I had so little. I already mentioned that. But the point is, just share this with you too, but also to run it through the AI and then you can go through and edit it. This is going to be amazing because you can make it.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It's all sitting together so much. Okay, this is the power of social audio, honestly. Oh, my God. You just call the book The Power of Social Media, though, because that's what it is. But it's really not the power given because it goes deeper than that. And we all just give, which has nothing to do with the audio, but it shows the term the power of social audio for today is LinkedIn room, because the power of giving is the power of giving times a trillion. That's why we called it that. That's insane. So the power of giving times a trillion is being obsessed about giving, being too giving, being like, seemly giving. And that's actually what The Greatest Salesman on Earth says. And that's the only part I've gotten to because I can't read. I can't read because of my ADHD. Like, the ADHD is so bad that I literally can't read a book. So I have sitting on my desk, The Greatest Salesman in the World, which to me is, like, resisting. But the first piece of it is about love and giving. And so you got to do this thing first in order to do the next thing.

Oh, my God. And that's a religious book. Oh, my God. Okay, there's this book called The Greatest Salesman on Earth, and it's written by OgMandino. And that's how me and Don actually connected. We both held up the book when I interviewed him for my podcast. I had just gotten the book and the book for some reason. I was like, okay, the Greatest Hills in the World. Someone had told me to do it. And actually that guy, oh, my God. All goes back to Seth Gordon. So. Oh, my God. This is insanity. Holy shit. I hope I get this all that is. And I know it. And I still am in self guide courses and talk to him and stuff like that. Oh, my God. It comes full circle. Okay. Oh, my God. Rachel loves house. That's goodness, too. Okay. All right. There's even more deeper parts to this. All right. And the reason I did the podcast 100 episode thing was because of Seth Godin. I did the whole year Jimbo thing cause of Seth Godin. Oh, my God. It's all about Seth Godin, actually. God is in his name. Seth God in. So it's really it's him, too.

I think that might be theirs of God. That's insanity. I don't believe in God. I grew up Catholic, but I don't really believe in God. But Seth Godin's name is God, and he is the one who has had a lot of impact in my life with his books. And now I'm going to write a book finally because of Seth Godin, basically because he kept saying all these things about figuring out his story. And I joined multiple workshops to talk to him in person on Zoom. I mean. And so I've asked him, how did you get your super human level of empathy? And he said, It just takes time. I was a shitty teenager, and I got better at it. And then over time, I got better at not being a shitty teenager. What Seth Godin says in the Zoom call that I have with him, we might not have a record, but I'm pretty sure we do. Absolutely. Almost every piece of this is verifiable or people were there, and they can testify the health of things. It's amazing that we have this all documented. And if we didn't have it all documented, I would not believe it.

So that's actually a really great point. And so I want to make that point as well. I'm going to be talking for a few hours now. I know that. Okay. And then I'm going to get ready on first I'm giving the Kimberly because I want to get her this job. And she's now resting her body because she knows that's what she needs to do. And instead of being able to rest with my Add, my ADHD, which some people say is a superpower or isn't, I actually now realized that it's the only way that I ever did any of this stuff was because I was medicated earlier. I wasn't. I took an Adderall and then I was able to have a lot of these breakthroughs. And my tone sucks. And I've said this before. So I do the podcast to improve my ability to talk. I even say this on the podcast. So my mom didn't show me a lot of love when I was growing up. She doesn't know how to show me love. I'm sorry, mom. I know that you're probably going to read this and this new, but it's something that I can't I can't not say because when we were in Boston, which we did, because, oh, my God, it's Nana too.

And she just told me she believes in God. Oh, my God. Okay, so there is a God. I think there's a God, or there's something giving is the God, because Nana just gives too. My Seth Gordon's gone, oh, my God, just giving. Oh, my God. I keep saying that, too. And I say I've always said it, but I don't believe in it. But I grew up Catholic and I was leaving. I was a sex in my Church. And in that I grew up Catholic. And I think he's Catholic too. And he's talking about God so much today in the power of social audio. He is saying, I don't know why I'm talking about God so much today, but this is, oh, my God. So there is a God. I'm there because everything. I'm totally on board. There's a God, or at least everything has a purpose, or at least giving his God or something. I don't even know. But maybe there is. Whatever the point is, embracing the fact that there is or isn't about. So going back to the greatest sales on Earth, which is the Brook, I'm going to pick it up because it's right here.

It's so close to me. I keep it on my desk all the time. There's a goal is to get past the first fucking scroll. And the first scroll is love. So I'm just going to quickly read this. This is not my content. So right now, just understand that I want to read this because it's going to be a great reminder. And it's also going to be a great emphasis on why this makes sense and why there might be a God. Because of this book. The greatest sales in the world. Sorry, I've been saying it wrong. Hold on. The greatest sales in the world, it says you can change your life with the price of wisdom of ten ancient Scrolls handed down for thousands of years. I have ADHD hyperactivity. I've gotten to this book is only this is amazing. I'm writing a book right now and I'm going to write a whole book, but I can't finish reading one. So this book is finding numbers, but all the way. Okay. I'm sure the amount of page is going to be important too. Okay, 111 pages. It's only 111 pages. There's book. Augment, you know, the best selling author there is from the Ragher, the greatest salesman in the world.

You can change your life with the person's wisdom of ten agents roles. Hand it out for thousands of years. So I was like, okay, great sales in the world. I go to Barnes and Noble. I'm like, Where's the greatest sales in the world? I asked the Lady, I'm like, I don't see it anywhere in business section or the sales section or anything like that. She goes, it's actually any young Christian reading or sorry, youth and religion or religious reading and like religious. Why aren't what I really religious book called the greatest Salesman in the World. That doesn't make any sense. But it was highly recommended by someone who his name is. He was in the podcast. So he told me that he read this book and then he went knocking on doors. I'm going to look up his name right now because I'm going to feel bad if I don't look up. I got to help Timber. That's the thing I had to focus on. But these soldiers, it was easy for her. She barely had to say anything in order for me to have the breakthrough. Like, I barely let her talk. So that's her superpower, her superpower is teaching people how to have emotional breakers.

And I am now Kimberly's number one fan. Just like somehow Vinny likes me and I like Kimber and oh my God, it's insanity because I like Seth Golden. I like Vinny. All these things. Don't ask all the people who start giving and our givers. So Donsky also mention this book to me. He's on the podcast. Really starting the podcast in the random thing, doing things that don't make sense. Going out and being a creator, being a creative person, that's what actually unlocked my ability to succeed, accomplished with the world's number one failure and not the norm. Embracing the fact that I'm getting fired from every job I've ever had and that's the book was going to be called originally it's going to be called Why I'm happy I've been fired from every job I've ever had. And that's because if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't go do my own thing because I was always like a rule follower kind of person. But then after getting fired for the 6th time. Because in Charlie tone, which is the breakthrough tonight, and I can get her at the software and my mother didn't show me love, so I don't know how to show love except for in data form.

So I'm very good at showing love in text form. I see frequently that the people closest to me get the worst version of me. And that means that I don't like having to put on a show. And this relates to why I was fired so many times. Because all that is is a show. It's like you go to work. I just want to get the work done. So I try to automate everything and just make it go faster because I know accounting, which is my degree, is all about taking fucking numbers and doing shit with them. So I'm like, I'm just going to get better at stuff. That's the thing. And again, I invited the guy who I had an internship with who told me to read for Dummies from front to back. And I can't read, however, I can't finish this 111 page book. But I was such a rule follower. This is why I was still an intern in College. This is why it makes sense. I knew I needed to do good in College and that's why I actually started taking Adderall as well, because I couldn't manage anything else. That's actually a great point because I always cheated.

And by that I mean Spark Notes or Cliff Notes or whatever. And now Arya is going to be involved because she's my ADHD coach. This is insanity. The book is crazy. So I have an ADHD coach named Ari. I also have another one named Damon Manley. And Rachel just found out, but she has a PhD as well, but she has the innocent of kind and I have hyperactivity kind. So we're kind of opposites of each other. And it's actually made it interesting because I'm trying to tell her how to be better at the things that she's bad at and she's trying to tell me how to be better at things that I'm bad at. But we're so bad at doing it that we get these not fights, but we just get into these circles that we run around because my toe sucks and she always feels like everyone's judging her. And so I can't say enough words about how much I'm not judging her. There's no problem with you or anything like that. I don't know how much I can tell you that you're not in the issue or whatever. I just got to convey the information to you.

And since I don't want to put on an act and that's what I was doing at work all the time, I was putting on an act. And what I said is that every time I got fired from each job, I became more like the person supposed to be the whole time. Because when I went to work, I'd be like a pretend person. I would pretend to like sports because I'm from Boston, where the sports are actually something that everybody cares about, but I don't care about it. But at work I'd pretend because why not? And I thought it was take it to make it failed to enable it, too.

I'm writing a note right now to the power of social audio group because all right, I'm going to read what Kimber wrote because then it's going to be recorded here and you're going to understand why I just got distracted. And it's going to be important because HD is like this. I was just recording the book. Right. And I see I heard a little notification over here and the notification was Kimber, obviously, because that's how things work. So at Angelique Style, who I've already mentioned is the rabbit Hunter, I want to thank you for saying what you did at Vinny Potastivo near the closing. I agree wholeheartedly that there is a story in Venezuela's journey of coming to the spotlight from behind the scenes. To me, it seems like there's a global shift of people that are doing the same. Those of us who have taken supportive roles for others are filled with light knowledge. And I want to slow down because this is important. And once she had me read herself earlier, I slowed down. I just rushing through it because I hate reading. There's so many pieces to this. This is going to be Penny Potassivos as well.

He's going to be in his body because I tried to tell him it's all about him and he's talking about God. We talked in the power of the audio today. He named our own power of social audio. Okay, so I'm going to go back and start from the beginning, or at least from where I stopped. So to me, it seems like there's a global shift in people that are doing the same. We are. Those of us who have taken supportive roles of others are filled with light knowledge and experience because of what we've seen and observed behind the scenes. All of this sort of in. And yet when we share stories, stepping out of these roles to being more visible is a huge transition. She's right because it's really difficult. It's tough when you're just you said being told to do. And right now I'm not reading her thing. But that will be clear to her if she knows what she's doing. And I'm going to have an AI do this. So I literally just have to keep talking in order to write entire books tonight. And then and then I'm going to help her get her job or just book.

But at least she needs the job at the moment. Vinny has been keeping me employed at the moment, literally someone to finish the sentence or her sentiment, all those sort of. And yet when we share our stories and steppings out of these roles. Okay, so you transition. So meaning it's not difficult in this time. This time frames share others can find comfort, acceptance, and encourage the same. And white Dove. I hope it's a turtle Dove because it's one of my code word things. Kk West Kimberley, Cuba Garden this is what I mean by carrier. I had already shared with you previously and was so happy echoing my words one week later. Wow. And I'm writing a book right now about it. And this is like literally happening a lot. And this is the power of just connection of people too. So the power of sociality is what you book is what I'm writing right now. I'm 30 minutes into it, but now I'm actually 41 minutes to it. So I'm going to update that. But it'll be like I'm going to put 1 hour into it because you want the right message. I'm 1 hour into it and I know all the pieces.

Plus, I'm going to get at Kimber Cuba Garden the training she needs in order to do well in her interview tomorrow. But I'm actually reading these words. I'm typing out loud into the recording and going to have the AI robots talking about God too much from today, he said. Also, I had to read her question because her audio wasn't working. So she told me to relay a question for her and reminded me that I needed to do it slowly. Since I'm all about giving, I read it like I assumed she would based on the audio that she aka the power of social audio. It's insane that Vinny named the room this the combination of all pieces in parentheses because I don't want to overload everybody in this chat with because this is a group chat. So I'm actually going to take it into now. I'm going to leave it here for now. Maybe I'll just send this and I'm going to take it into a separate one with Vinny and then overload them. Imbb sell behind the scenes at D-A-N-I-E. Okay, so I'm editing it now to say instead of the power of social audio or.

And then my thing is the power of giving times a trillion is about to be a book. I'm 1 hour into it. I'm just estimating that right now and I know the pieces at Angelique Stoodham is part of it as the rabbit hole Hunter. Plus, after recording this book, I'm going to get working on the video to teach at Kimberly the Garden the training she needs in order to do well. In her upcoming job interview, she introduced me to Daniel, who is also a giver. I'm going to assume he's going to reverse that because he's already helped me. I'm using it right now. He's giving me the tools to help teach her what she needs to know using his Excel extraction. And remember, he was giving his stuff away for free too. Okay, I'm writing this in a document, in this every document because I want to overload everybody and they're not going to understand what's going on with all these types and stuff. So I'm going to create a subgroup chat that has the rest of it because we're going to get too deeper. So he's giving me the tools to help teach her what she needs to know using crazy self tracking techniques.

I actually have the comments from Angelique's post which she gave permission for so he could give it to me. He told me if I can help him figure out how to structure the teaching piece that he would help me with. My video has super powers and I don't I'm going to take this into a private group chat with the folks involved just to not overwhelm you all. But literally we'll have a book completed within the week talking about how important it is to give. You called me earlier to apologize for how you spoke to me prior to the event. I'm going to take that out of here and put it in the other one because it's only part of that. But then he told me earlier he was thinking about just giving away a lot of things we've been working on and thinking about. I'm going to take this into a private chat with the rest of those involved or a smaller group at least. But trust me when I say don't stop giving. Number one, it's the biggest life hack there is and it's the way around it, all of our suffering. Because as super said earlier in a hashtag, I can go look it up now.

Lachelle so she sent me a message earlier, just a little hard emoji to Timber. So she has them thinking about her and I post. I'm saying posting ourselves.

I'm not really dictating Vinnie's message yet. I'm just writing it. I said, dude, I'm writing a book right now. But literally, the power of social audio and the power of giving. I'm dictating it into my iPhone right now. But you literally inspired it. And you were talking about God so much today and you didn't know why. I grew up Catholic, but I fell out of and I was literally atheist before today. But that's or what at Kimber Garden and I talked about there are too many pieces of this magnificent buzzle that all happened because we were people literally writing and making any question. I can't wait for this book about you, which you said you don't like to write about is going to be what that demonstrates the power of social something in the eye transcribe everything. So I can't help. Which was tomorrow I'm writing a book as we speak, literally recording one, dictating it. And that's part of the because I thought I was connected to Susan Kane earlier. She's got too many followers or whatever and she wrote a book and she was paying books and stuff and I'm not sure but it's just not ADHD.

So I have two reading books, but now there's this technology that can just dictate it and then my AI thing that I bought can do it. I bought so many random pieces of software. So just randomly commented on her thing and I'm connected to her somehow through coach surfing. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do her earlier. And this is all about the giving stuff too, because I have this CRM software called Lead Delta that allows me to see how things will export things into Excel, of course, of all things. And the guy I'm actually dealt with, his name is right here because I was just putting in a ticket earlier to try to help him with this thing. And so Sebastian On is amazing as well. His name is Vidran Rasak and so he offered to give four months free of his thing because of a post that I had made earlier today. And do you see how it's all about giving? I was mentioning to him that one of the features weren't working properly and that he needed to fix it so that other people wouldn't be upset.

It's not because I was mad, I just needed to fix it. So he decided after I was just reaching out to helping they'll reach out to his It person to help him out. Her name is on and she was great. And I helped her with an extra tip once she helped me, which is controls are, which is to refresh those cookies. Because basically she told me to open incognito mode thing or whatever. And I was just basically telling her a little life hack because I'm always trying to give that's the point. We're giving, we're giving people. So even when I was talking to the person, Ellen, and I remember her name because I was talking to her and I was saying, oh, it actually all corrected itself. Everything was good. I guess it just wasn't working. And she said yes, I just need to refresh. And I said, well, if you do control shift R instead of opening incognito mode, it'll actually do a refresh that does it without your cookies, which means all your data or your cache. I'm not sure the difference, honestly. So I say your cookies are your cash, but meaning you're basically visiting it for the first time.

And so Joseph Dar was what I told her to do so that she could then tell other people to do that as well. And she said it was such a great tip. So me being giving it to the people who are in my life. Even earlier, we had someone who fixed our garbage disposal and our dishwasher and our thing, a bunch of shit that was broken in our place that was making our lives harder. And he looked like he had a hard life. And so when he did what he did, I need to finish this note to the group so that I can start talking about random stuff. I can't do this all one thing. So what does she say? She said something over competition. Cooperation over competition. Let me see. I click her. Of course. Here it is. Like one of the most recent things she said right here. I just found it right now. So I had commented on it. And look at this. We're getting to each other. Oh my God, it's collaboration over competition. And now this will be shared book experience that we were all a part of. Thank you all so much.

Taking this offline to my recording, which I'm still locating all of this. Final question. What's in your I can figure out how she exactly set it. I'm looking for the one that says like what's in your box? The thing that she had me read. Man, she's doing this stuff and she's doing it without the audio. Since I'm going through her thing because I was trying to do it the same way. I even offered to Mark Bell or to call me and I'd put it through my speaker phone and I'd put it through my microphone. It's insane, I can't tell you right now. But my thing is about the power of giving the power of 30 show audio, which was the name of earlier. I just responded to him. So I mean the AI will transcribe this as well cause I'm dictating what I say to you. So I'm trying to figure out what she said. What's in your box? She said the new ones. You're in the white room here. I want to do adjust this. So give me a second. Okay. Of course. Because Phil is trying to give to me now. He says I put together an e book bundle to try and promote my software.

I said I have polished art formal which up to 24 books form plus directories and on demand printing. So it'll be easy. Okay. I just put a bunch of hearts to Vinny. I'm about to send this one. I'm copying what she wrote. She said what's in here, Vinny? While I open up Kimber, because I got to be able to type both into the group chat and to the other one. So final thoughts, Jerry Springer. Take a long graph. Imagine a white box. It is sparkly and Gray. Now what is inside for me? I'm rereading it to myself right now just to make sure there's no typos or anything like that. Because that's the kind of person that I am. So I need to make sure that none of this shit looks wrong. They just Typed it a lot. Is there anything that she needs in order to do? Well, on our upcoming job interview, she introduced me to Daniel Holland is also giving me the tools to help teach what she is not using phrase Excel extraction techniques. Actually have the comments from Angela exposed. She gave me permission for so he could give it to me.

He told me if I can help him figure out how to structure the teaching piece. He's helped me with the video editing and everything else that he has super powers and I don't I'm going to take this to a private group, Travis. The folks involved just not overwhelming all, but literally we'll have a book completed within the week talking about how important it is to give. Mini told me earlier he was just thinking about just giving away a lot of the things we've been working on and thinking about. I'm going to take this into the private chat with the rest of those involved in a small group at least. But trust me when I say don't stop giving it's the biggest life factor is it's the way around all our suffering. As Lachelle Atkins Super Mom earlier said, I'm going to finish the book,

so I'm going to take The Verge as I said that twice. I'm not going to edit it because I'm a failure guy, but it's the biggest life Hacker is. And so way around all of our suffering because Ashell Atkins Market Super Mom said earlier in a hashtag, it's collaboration over competition. And now this will be a shared book of experience that we're all a part of. Thank you all so much. Taking this offline to my recording, which I'm still dictating all of this in final slots choice style. Like she said, take a long breath. Imagine a white box. It's sparkly and bright. Now open it. What's inside for me, it's giving. And then I said, actually I'm going

to finish the book to Kimber. Sometimes when my age, they can't do things at once. I forget I'm talking to you, but meaning they're recording. But I said that posting response, email. Thank you so much. So I can get you helping and I will never meet my damn thing because that's what brought me over here. And I'm going to once in my life focus because this is the problem with ADHD folks. I mean, you can literally get something to anything. And I like going to help people. So it's like instead of trying to finish this book, which is the goal right now, I have to go do a bunch of other stuff because I heard a beep go off over there. So now I'm also going to go ahead and put my phone into what my girlfriend told me today about, which is focus mode. Actually, I'm going to put it into do not deserve mode because that way I won't hear anything or know of anything here either. I'm just going to focus on this book. So I forgot where I stopped off. Of course I talked about it within Jalik talked for hour and 15 minutes earlier this week.

And Damascus, the one I mentioned earlier about the sales and thing. There we go. Thank you, brain. See, guys, now I want to actually do the thing. I left a little credit here. So now I want to finally read that thing that I said I was going to read. This is how the brand works when you're on ADHD and now I'm going to take an Adderall actually because then I know that I will actually be able to focus. This is all part of it, guys. Because earlier when I was interrupting too much, I didn't even run them take my medication today. That's too busy doing stuff, giving to people, doing other things. I honestly didn't even eat or like drink because I had to. I was doing so much shit and even Arie tried to get into the room. The one I was talking about earlier, my ADHD comes but the LinkedIn audio wouldn't let her in and she's in Australia, literally. It was like it's going to be like 07:00 A.m. Or something. I'm going to try to get up but it's tough for us to get up when we have ADHD. So she missed most of the long because it went like 3 hours or three and a half hours and none of us recorded.

So this is what it is. I'm doing it instead. So everyone's going to get writing credits or whatever. You talk about giving credit this way. We talked all about this stuff in the room tonight. He's an Emmy Award when he got you talk about getting credits and that's what IMDb is about. But we don't like getting credit. Now that we give ourselves our own credit, why not do it? Because we're like, okay, well, I did this thing, it's all me. So why wouldn't I give myself credit? I think it's struggling too because he's made his entire career off of making other people famous like Manny Moore and Jamie Lynn Siegelr and everybody else. All the people travel. He worked on Punk, he worked on the Osmosis, he worked on The Real Housewives. He's working on so many things. I'd rather have him tell that part because I don't want to get anything wrong with it because I got to get help in Timber at some point. So see how I'm trying to just figure out how to oh yeah, I got to read that book. So I'm going to read the book now. It's just the greatest.

It's just the one about love. It's the first girl. It's not even that long. This is how pathetic it is, my ability to read. I couldn't finish this hundred and eleven page book. I could finish the Excel one, but I did just take it out. So hopefully at least I can scroll. But the point of the book is that you have to do the first scroll. Excuse me for 30 days first. So I'm going to read this one because this one's important and whether or not we're allowed to use it. How old is the book? Make sure printing history. If you purchase the booking without a cover, you should be aware this book is still on property. It was reported as unsold and destroyed to the publisher, and neither the author of the publisher sees any payment for the strict book. That's interesting. I never read that. I was just trying to see if I can read this, but either way, I can include it. I can include it in this recording because it's important for you guys, whoever's going to be able to actually listen to this, to understand it. So this is not me reading the book.

I will grieve to stay with love in my heart, for this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures. Muscle can split a shield and even destroy life. But only the unseen power of love can open the hearts of men. And until I master this art, I will remain no more than a peddler in the market place. I will make love my greatest weapon. And none on Hawaii call can defend against its force. I hear the cat now and I don't want my girlfriend to wake up. So I'm going to go give see, I can't even finish reading this because I got to give love to someone. See, this is the point of everyone. In this time, though, I'm carrying the book open with me. So I do not forget, because that's what a lot of times I forgot, but I'm going to give the cat. There's no way I can stop recording, because if I stop recording, I'm not going to get done time with Kimberly. Hopefully Daniel will make something that actually teaches over to me. And he said he's really good at this stuff. He's bad at teaching. This could be a really great lesson for him on how he can teach.

Hey, Babe, I'm actually recording an entire book right now. I'm not joking. About an hour, 19 minutes into recording it, I'm going to have the AI transcribe it and it's all about the power giving and all this crazy shit is going on. And then while it transcribes it, I'm going to then make the thing that teaches her. And it's possible that Daniel will help make it a video to explain or whatever. Well, the point is, he asked me, he said to me, if you can, this is recorded, but it's just me and you right now. But the guy is going to do it. So he said, if I can figure out how to teach him how to teach people things, he will make me any video I want or whatever, because he doesn't know how to teach. He just knows how to make these crazy tools and know how to teach it. But now I'm trying to figure how to teach her and it's going to be by recording things. And someone just took my tone too, by recording shit. So the books called The Power of Giving Time is a trillion or something like that.

Or The Power of Social Audio. No, but this is. Remember the Salesman book? And it was in the religious section. Yeah, I'm thinking, I believe in God. I'm not even joking. So I'm not even kidding or like, the power of giving. But this is in the religious section and this is what don't ask. He had when we both had the books. I don't have enough ADHD to finish it. It's 100 pages. I mean, I have too much ADHD, but all this ties in. Arie couldn't get in the room earlier, the social audio room because it just broke. You can handle being in it because there's too much confusion. Like, it's all about ADHD. Vinny, Potassivo, Angelique, Kimber, Daniel, everybody who was giving. I've been dictating it while writing some of the comments to them. And all this is going to be written and I have a way to publish the book and all these people are going to get involved. And Benny said, you weren't in the audio room and there's no way for you to know what happened. But he was like, Why am I mentioning God so much? Because he kept mentioning God a bunch.

And Seth Godin says God in his name. He's the one who started this whole thing with me doing the podcast and then giving the new. I have a podcast. I mean, there's so many pieces to it. It's insanity. I'm writing a whole book right now so I can then get her a job. I'm trying to give so much. And I'm even dictating when, like, Phil reach out to me, talk about Susan Kane thing. And I'm like, I'm dictating what I'm saying to you. So you're in this book because you talked about you just randomly like this thing. And then of course, he's like, do you want to use this thing or buy to give me something? Because everyone just give. And it's the power of. And I was telling you to give to the guy. It's the secret out of it. And that's what Kimberly was talking about. And she barely said anything. She barely got a word and broke my mind. And now I'm writing a whole book about it and I have a way to publish all the books and Don The Mask is going to help frickin making a book. So I'm literally an hour, 20 minutes into it.

And I'm giving Vinyl much credit, too, because he was like, he's saying how he hates taking credit and stuff and he can't write a book and all this other stuff. And I'm like, this is it. This is how the failure becomes success, because that's not what happens in corporate America. They don't give. They just take. And that's what this is. Here, read this while Lou, I heard him whining, but read this. The Power of Love or whatever. Just read that whole. It's just the first scroll. What are you supposed to do? I haven't even got past the person you're supposed to do it for 30 days. But this is the one that matters. Love giving. So literally. Read it and take it in yourself. I know it's hard. I'm going to read it out loud afterwards to this. And the guy who first told me with this was the guy who heard me on Seth Golden asked the question, reach out to me to be on the podcast. He's going to knock on doors, and he told me to get that one. It's all connected. And then I'm teaching her with the thing. So many things.

It's insane. That's why I'm writing the book right now. And you're actually in the book and you're in it right now, too, or whatever. I mean, I'm just recording all the info so I can get to teaching her because it's tomorrow. All right. I know how to fix myself now. A bit. A little bit. Can I get you talking to hold on.

Being a gimmick, caring person and putting that into the world because it's so appreciated that people give back to you out of genuine.

And one of the great things, because I thought when Kimberle was reaching out to me to talk about Google Forms, I was like, can you please just back up a bit? Because I have unselected every item. I know it's not. You don't have to log in, but this is just a misunderstanding. But look at this chart right here. I want to just point it apart to you because you're going to get there. My reasoning. They may counter my speech? They may distrust my apparel? They may just approve my face? They may reject and even my bargains they may cause some suspicion? I give everything away. I give her a free course yet my love will melt all hearts like into the sun? Who's raised off in the cold displays just read this one. This is the only one I've read. I had not gotten to scroll, too, because I can't.

How much being positive has impacted you.

Yeah. The power of giving times a trillion. Or the power of social audio. But that's what he called the room. He called the room the power of social audio. I'm saying it's going to be a giving, but I'm saying it's not nuts that he said the power of social. Now I'm writing a book. And so Kimber has five books that she's written and they're in Amazon. Five books in a one year period. So she can also. And Don McDonald, you get the whole point. We're all givers. I don't know if it's going to hear you as well. Okay, sure. I broke down earlier.

Literally, like changing your brain and your opportunities. I think I'm the greatest children through puppies and rainbow, stuff like whatever. But then you actually.

What'S not all this is documented. Everything except for the audio of that room. But everyone who's there heard it. And so every piece, like my University Reddit giving away my content for eight years I talked about all this already.

Yeah. It literally led you down this path.

I know. And you know what? It's weird. The guy who did the sell to the domain, the internship thing, I invited him to the room today because then he told me how many invites I could send out. He's like, I send out a thousand invites. I only send 100 invites. And I invited the guy told me to read the book. The guy started the whole fucking thing today. I haven't talked about or thought about Drew Zulkin in the longest time, but he's the one who taught me Excel, even though I went to College and followed all the rules and tried saying, we follow the rules. Where does it get us? That's the other point. I've already went into it for a while. They're trying to break you down. Yeah, exactly. That's why I got fired for my jobs, because I was like, I'm going to keep my time. And literally I did everything right. I never got taught Excel in College. That's all I did for a job. Then I was like, this is bullshit. I paid all this money, and then the University of Credit came along. I'm like, I'm just going to give away all the credit.

I mean, all the Excel stuff, because no one taught me it and then help me get better at it. I don't want to miss it's going to AI. It's hard. Please tell me.

I saw an email that somebody wrote to us at work. There was a complaint about nothing in a specific grocery store. And they said they talked to the manager or something. And they said that it was a decision that we made. And so this person was really frustrated and said, I don't understand why you're not sold at this grocery store. You're folded another one 7 miles away.


And it was just, like, full of complete, like, negativity.

Yeah. Just like La Bank versus Austin. You know how different I was? I got to put water in heaven just so I can listen to you, because otherwise, that's the giving thing I'm giving to him. That's what brought me in here. I didn't even know you're still up. That's what's crazy. Now you're adding to the book. I didn't want you to wake up because it's the cat. No, I'm saying I'm giving. So you say, stop saying sorry. That's the point. I was like, oh, no, I don't want her to wake up. So I got to stop this book and not stop it. But just keep reading. It weirdo. I'm like, if I don't bring this book with me, I'm going to forget that because I already forgotten that I was reading it because I had to read a little comments because Kimber wrote something. And then what I did is I shut the fucking notifications off because that dung dinged. And I was like, my age. She was like, oh, that was the LinkedIn town. I got to go check what it is. And it was Kimber. And then I read all of her stuff into here, and I even read the things she read.

Okay. So you want me to tell you what she had me read? Yes. Please finish your story. Sorry. I love you, baby.

You did a great job and giving a lot of information that this person did not deserve. But he was trying to give context of, like, why you wouldn't put it in that things are always more like.

He wasn't giving. Is it? Was he not giving? Terry was being giving or is he not?

In this case, he's giving with information. He gave information that his person didn't deserve so that they could understand why we aren't sold in this grocery store.

Yeah. Just trying to provide him content.

Right. And, like, very specific information.

This is the reason why it was kind of.

Like not a secret.

But, like, it's just logistics and stuff. Yeah. Like, too much information. But they really were just upset that they couldn't get stuff right.

And so then this person responds back to Hillary, and, I mean, it made perfect business sense of like, yeah, if we were in that store, it would have been.

Unless she was to be giving. Well, I mean, no, but go ahead.

And send. Like, I would appreciate if you talk to the manager of that grocery store again. And then he said, your drivers are either, like, incompetent or lazy. We're not coming to the grocery store 7 miles away. And I'm like, you literally are making negative judgments about these people who have no influence on the decision.

And I don't have the way to explain those trying to make my problem. And I'm like, and I treated all my shit in Austin Spectrum. I was like, even the other one just seemed tired. She wasn't, like, mean. She just seemed like she was sick of working. It was late, and it was 04:00 a.m..

It's just mind blowing to think of.

And then you gave people like that to try to stop me from.


That's what got you out of your thing. And you gave to me. That's what got me here.

Yeah. See, people that are so wrapped up in the negativity that they don't even realize how negative of an email that is and how toxic it is to literally make all these accusations over a grocery store selling bread.

My mom used to do that shit at stores. Your mom did that shit, right?


That's what we learned was, like.

Autopilot behavior.

Yeah, me. It's all about me.

And it's just mind blowing to think how unbelievably miserable they have to be if they think of everything like that.

Yeah. Oh, this bakery needs to serve my store. And next to me, I can't figure out how to go drive to the other store.

Literally write an email to the company accusing their drivers of being lazy.

Yeah. It's crazy.

How sad do you have to be in your daily life and you don't even realize it because you're not open minded?

No, that's the problem is everybody's selfish and thinking about themselves and then even to get famous or whatever, they're still happy because they're not happy people. But the people who get famous the right way, like Seth Godin. That's why I'm saying he's so good and it's God. I'm saying there's so many things. God in his name. I don't even know if there's a God saying the leads make me question at least like the universal weirdnesses of things. Yeah. Because Geojimbo and everything. That was a thing from Seth Golden, remember? Yeah, the Kimbo knock off and then the knife. So I'm saying, like, all this shit happens when you start giving and I don't want to stop giving. And it's going to say in the transcription, but then he was trying to give me his password and then I'm trying to get back like, stop, don't do that. Get rid of that. Because don't give it to Facebook, don't give it to Instagram. Then I'm doing good with it.

Being so rude and making.

I'll just read this out loud to you and all this weekly giving. I know. And I hate the Excel stuff because it's all wrapped up in the work that I just got better at it and I still get fired because I can't failure guy how to talk to people when I'm frustrated with them, I do everything I was supposed to do while growing up. The fake motivation people. Yeah. People were pretending. It's hard to tell the difference sometimes, but this is what it talks about. Yes. Golden talks about this shit. Yeah. Nicole, Ari, Arya, everybody, Damon and they're helping us with our ADAC issues. Yeah. It's about genuine care and that's what how to Win Friends and Influence People's book about genuinely caring about people, not just pretending until you give. Yeah. I mean, you weren't even understanding it. I was trying to tell you to do it to this guy. And I'm like, we can change this guy's life so we're going to put in a fake maintenance order just to give him million stars or whatever. Cause it's so easy to give. Everyone so selfish these days.

Otherwise you don't make a connection. I think that's like for me, these things are issues of mine. And then it's like that's not how I'm supposed to think and it's not correct thinking and it's all in my head and it's made up. I know that. But until I experience certain things that all tie together everything that I've learned in a way that everything makes sense.


It doesn't really click.

She has to believe it because it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense if you do it.

But before that moment, like you think you grasp it.

And then you see just all these things happening.

Breakthrough moment. And you're like, oh, my God, this is life changing.

Yeah, I know. And so everything's happened so far through my podcast. No one has bought a course to the hot guest. That course coupon code never been used. Buy me goldfish 100% off. It's probably the number one used code. Stupid. I mean, not stupid, but smart, but it feels stupid. You know what I mean? That's the giving. Because you're like, Why am I doing this? Why can't I stop being giving?

Who knows?

That's good, though. But they'll come back to you because you are supposed to. Honestly Don Edding that. Dom recorded all those things for all three of those things. He's this kind of guy, but he's motivation chips. You could easily think he's just faking it unless you wash enough his stuff or talk to him. I'd tell him to try to not act like, but it's okay. Daniel also knows how to change people's voices a little bit, too. He should slow me down. Coming up. Whatever he said, whatever. Let me connect a few dots for you, too. Before I read this. I go on a club and just give out all sorts of shit. Right? Then I'm like, I forget who told me honestly about IMDb. But if I didn't hear about that, I wouldn't have went and figured out how to do it. And then it took forever. And then I made a thing on how to do it as a given guy. I was given for free. And then I had video on the podcast. If I didn't go to whatever the fuck it was, one of his social audio rooms and saw him and then in the Fireside creator room, which I've never, ever used the app, even since that day by direct message Vinny in the Zoom.

And I said, hey, man, I saw you in. Would you be on my podcast? Because I think you're awesome. And he's so giving, even though he doesn't need to. He could be on all sorts of other and he definitely is on other ones. He picked me because he knew I was giving. He was happy that I ended out his thing. And also he's like, telling people about MDB and not for himself. I'm like, Why are you doing it? I already have a resource. Here you go. Here's this for free. I'd already made it prior to talking to him. And then I changed it all to be about him, which is also giving. And then he wanted to give back. And then we just keep it's a give battle. And then that Lady Super mom, her hashtag girl was a collaboration over competition. And I put that in the post. So I literally tagged everybody who was involved. Like, Angelique started this whole thing. There's so many things she was just giving in the audio room. Someone was like, Can I pay you to help me with that? I think she'd know. I'll just do it for free, or I'll tell you how to teach you how to do it, but I'm not taking money from you.

It's like, we don't know how to take money because we feel like we got screwed in this other whole system. And it's like, why don't we just keep giving and helping people? Because then we'll all level up and we didn't level up. Look at the job. You're in a bunch of dumb systems that are put in place. And I gave I tried to help give, and they don't even know how to accept it because they're too blind or whatever. Given this book or something, literally. I know, but if you start giving, I'm saying I weirdly. Give. So another example is this the guy Daniel I was listening to podcast. I don't really listen to any podcasts about other people because I want to listen to Tommy Bangling or whatever. Even Vinny earlier when he called me and for 15 minutes was apologizing. Then he said, I think I'm going to give this stuff away for free. I don't think I want to pay for a lot of the stuff that you're working on, but he's paying me to do it. And I was paying for eight years to teach Excel. And there's so much stuff.

And I messaged him, and I was like, dude, I'm writing a book right now, thanks to you. And it's going to be probably done by the end of the week based on the past that I'm writing all right now. And then whatever. It's basically going to be recorded. I have published Drive, which I can do 24 books, 400 digital libraries, print on demand after tomorrow. Deals like crazy for Kimber. I showed her that thing. And know what's funny? If she didn't demand, we use Google sheets. I keep my shit in Google sheets for my only that's the only thing I use Google sheets for. Everything else is Excel. So immediately I said, look at this thing that I keep weirdly. That explains absolutely everything I bought, how much I spent on it shows you how everything works. So I'm like, look, publishrive. I can do up to 24 books. And she's already published five books. And I'm like, you can do that. And also she's like, I can't get any business because no one understands what I'm doing. And I'm like, I got this thing called Video Peel, and I've already given Harry one, but I got her up to 50 campaigns, like collect video testimonials.

And so I'm going to give her some video testimonial, and she'll give me one. But she's written five books in one year. So I'm going to take this as shit, and I'm going to basically hand over to her and Dominic Damasci and everyone else is going to help me finish it. But the point is, and then I'm going to go get her a job. Yeah, he was a jerk earlier and then learned.

But just for struggles that people have that they don't choose that hold them back. For me personally, it would be like.

Don'T worry about this, because I don't know how long this recorded app. I don't want this one where I'm at, but this is the voice. I mean, you can tell this is an app, right? I'm not talking up. It's just a voice number. I didn't even think about it. I was like, okay, fuck it. Because I got to get to teaching her eventually. But this is good breakthrough stuff. I should call off work tomorrow, help with Nana, help with Tom, help with whatever give. You know what I mean? Because she's going to happen this weekend or work from wherever. I'm saying I got to get food at some point, too, but I'm too busy also doing trying to give to everybody. I had to ask you to come give it to me because I'm too busy giving. I can't even fucking eat.

I know that's.

How ridiculous can I know? Didn't you feel good to give that? And I was like, and the gift giving stuff, that was a big thing where we kept arguing about. And now do we understand that? Do we now get that, too? It shouldn't be about today. Yeah. The parents can do their own. Just for context, in terms of this recording, what we were doing Christmas, and there was just basically a money limit on everything. So everybody had to spend the same amount of money on each other and just take some of the fun out of it. And we really just want to give and give because you want to give and not because it's just something that you have to do.

Right. And so then this past year, for some reason, we decided that it'd be like, only white element. Guess not traditional gifting. So then it became even less like, from the heart, because you don't know who's getting it because you pick the random gifts from the middle and stuff.

Yeah, that was weird, too. I was like. And there was no trading piece of it either. So thankfully, we got what we wanted or whatever. But notice how I didn't care. I got the thing. We never used the table thing. I'm not sure. No offense. This is when you say no offense. Yeah. And I'm not offended either. You know what I'm saying? This is the secret. Babe, can I read this to you after you keep going? If you have breakthroughs, this will be still here no matter what I'm going to say.

We tried something different last year with white elephant. Let's try this and see how we all like how it makes us feel. We guarantee you it's going to be like a way more positive. Like you get the warm fuzzy.

Yeah, exactly. You cried, right? The bird thing. That's not even an extensive gift. I honestly don't even think whatever. It doesn't matter how much it was. It doesn't matter, right? Does it? I know it's just given to you. I know. Then isn't it better than I know? Who cares? Maybe it's a dollar. Why did I steal it? I'm a giver. So maybe it was given to me. Who knows, honestly? But then I saw there's a channel stick on the bottom, and you complained about that from some other thing. So do that off because I wanted you to think it was unique, not a network, but I got it for free. But I knew if you read that on the bottom, just because the way you reacted to the thing you saw was Etsy stuff, and it came in a China box. I was just looking at it. I was like, but not only that part was because I was like, I'm glad I looked at it before I gave it to you, because I didn't want it to grow. And it's all about the thought. Yeah. So that was one of the random things she gave me.

And I was like, I just keep this for this specific purpose she was giving to you. She was knowing for you. But I.

Was like, how you got it?

She was like.

Did you do anything for your anniversary or whatever?

She said to me. I was looking around, I saw this thing, and I was like, what the hell am I going to do with this? There's nothing worth it. And I'm like, when she said to me, I was like, yeah, I can write a little thing and put it in. And then when we actually do the thing that we plan on, which is this weekend or whatever. But again, I didn't care how it happened. I was like, I got to give you something. And then I came with the coffee and the scroll and just trying to make it fun. And a lot of thought in a time when I didn't have. And I'm still trying to get everybody else. My mother, and then Dominic, his wife sleeping on the couch. And he's like, I can't record something right now, but I can text you. Last night when I was like, I need you. It's so funny because it's like we're all just trying to give to each other as much as possible. Jimmy, who's a podcast editor for Flintstone Media. I was like, hey, question. I don't know, like, some pretty basic things. I just have some questions about lost some really specific those weird things.

And I'm just like, I don't know if I'm doing something fundamentally wrong because his. And literally, she just sent her phone number and her email, and she called me or whatever. And I said, like, now, are you weird? Like me? Do something, but whenever you want. I'm like, this is the people. And that's why I'm going to mention them all in the book, because why wouldn't you? And then he loves giving other people credit. That's his big thing. And giving to other people and he comes from a place where he can give stuff and he could also be selfish asshole but he is.

Yeah, exactly.

And it blows my mind. I'm like why are you and then he's thanking us in the room. You started this room, dude. Of course we all get everybody does Kimberly put it in the group chat? I put my piece in the group chat. Were you in a group chat?

What do you mean by that? I'm sorry.

There's a group chat during that. You can go read it. You can still do it right now. Yeah. So if you go open it up on your phone if you go look at the last couple or while I'm doing this you can follow up on you just don't know I'm still writing I told them I'm dictating the book while I'm writing the note to them because I'm saying by the end I'm saying you guys are witnessing a book happened and you were literally here for it and I ended my thing with the white box thing which you don't know what that is. You got to at least go read what she wrote and I wrote eventually. I already read it. I don't need to do it again but I do want to read this to you and this being compassionate to others because you don't have the struggle because I kept trying to not be a douche to her but I couldn't help it and she was understanding of it and then I let her go. I'm like I got to record a book and then I also said I was like I'm going to take this into a private chat with some people and then I wrote afterwards I'm like actually I got to finish this book so I can help can we get a job?

And then I'll eventually talk to all of you about whatever I'm leaving all my notifications right now because I can't handle it and that's what I basically said oh my AirPod design have another bear and I'll just talk a little bit better.